Train & Focus


We sharpen the focus — with targeted qualification and the right analysis tools for a tailor-made customer approach.

Train & Focus

On Your Audience

We sharpen the focus — with targeted qualification and the right analysis tools for a tailor-made customer approach.

Your customers are our focus


We extract new, relevant information from your customer data and identify patterns. These insights can then be augmented with additional data to create comprehensive customer profiles.

Optimise customer loyalty and make optimal use of existing customer relationships

Market penetration analysis. Where is there still potential?

Proper communication with new customers and the potential of your potential customers


Learn more about your visitors at the Point of Sale. Retail Analytics turns anonymous store visitors into unique customer types with different interests based on their behavior at the POS. Added value for addressing target groups in compliance with data protection regulations.

What types of customers are at the POS?

What interests do different types of customers have?

Addressing new customers based on these customer types


Social Listening – and then? Every day, large amounts of data are created in forums and social networks. The real challenge lies in separating interesting content from outdated data and identifying brand-relevant opinion patterns.

Behaviour and buying patterns of your customers and potential customers

Approaches to brand and product

Identify measures for marketing and product development


Customer segmentation is used to identify different customer clusters from your own CRM data and to address them differently. Person Mapping or Segmentation 2.0 goes one step further and draws a comprehensive picture of one or more fictitious persons in compliance with data protection laws. The communication is coordinated with these sample personas.

Creation of personas that correspond to your customer types

Communication coordination with personas

Has it sparked your interest?

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