Set Up

Your Database

We create a powerful database — enabling sound decisions and sustainable marketing success.

Set Up

Your Database

We create a powerful database — enabling sound decisions and sustainable marketing success.

Our services for the perfect database


Addresses and customer data change continuously due to relocations, deaths, bankruptcies and much more. We thoroughly scrutinise your data and confirm, correct, update and optimise your address database.

Address verification

Address list updating

Comparison of address lists against various opt-out lists

Formatting and address analysis

Enhancement/ Qualification

More knowledge thanks to additional data! Qualification of your customers, potential customers and website visitors.  The enhancement of your prospective customers and website visitors with diverse additional information from all areas of life enables a 360° view of your customers.

Efficient campaign planning and dialogue communication

Greater knowledge of your target groups increases customer loyalty and customer satisfaction and increases the potential for acquiring new customers.


Intelligent data management solution to permanently consolidate, clean and enhance your data from all touchpoints. Data Integration is used for the preparation and optimisation of diverse datasets.

Customisable management of your customers' data

Diverse data sets from different sources consolidated in one central pool

Business DataCheck

We check the quality of your data using an extract from your customer database and you receive the result as a comprehensive overview. High-quality data is important for all further steps, and depending on the findings, we will be happy to offer an address list update.

Free data check

Address structure analysis and more

Summary of results in a clear report

Final presentation by one of our data and analysis experts

Data Sources

TargetBase Analysis

One of the most comprehensive B2C marketing analysis databases in Germany – efficient targeting opportunities with diverse target group potential.

58 Mil. Private Addresses and additional attributes of consumer behaviour, socio-demographics, etc.

The data in the B2C consumer database comes from our partners as well as from two unique surveys: Germany's largest household survey, the Lifestyle Market Analysis and Consumer Survey, and the Schober individual household assessment.

TargetBase Business

Germany’s leading business database – for effective new customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

4,5 Million Company Addresses

4 million management decision-makers: managing executives, board members of corporations, owners of commercial businesses, etc.

More than 1 million other second-tier decision-makers in marketing, human resources, sales, finance, legal, and security and more. Unique, up-to-date and verified by telephone.

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