Hitting the Target Dead On: New Version of Schober Business TargetBase

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Real-time data sourcing and a new unique algorithm to help identify relevant keywords and even better segmentation of B2B audiences.

Ditzingen, 2 June 2016 – Many consumers feel that advertising which is not relevant to them is annoying and intrusive. Companies which advertise their products and services must ensure that they actually reach the target groups which are receptive to them. Targeted and precise segmentations help not only to raise awareness of a company’s own content, but also to implement efficient campaigns with less wastage. The new version of the Business TargetBase from Schober will allow customers to be even better and more efficient in compiling their B2B audiences in the future.

This is possible through customised real-time data sourcing and a new unique algorithm. With Schober, the structure of the customer base can be analysed and relevant keywords defined to attract new customers – without rigid industry classification. “Our customers can discover, for example, which keywords are linked to one of their products, and which potential new customers from our database may come into the picture. This means that new customers can be indexed in a targeted way and peer groups can be found which they have not even previously thought of,” says Ulrich Schober, CEO of the Schober Information Group. “Advertisers need flexibility – not only in their choice of communication channels, but also in the segmentation of their target groups. With our dynamic database, they can achieve this goal directly and accurately while taking advantage of the full scope of our Business TargetBase product; on request, this can even be in the form of their own Database on Demand, which includes regular maintenance and updates from us.”
Business TargetBase, Germany’s leading enterprise database for marketing, sales and strategic decisions, offers companies access to nearly 5 million company addresses, 4 million CEOs/shareholders and over 1 million other second-tier decision makers. Customers can choose information from 6,500 detail groups and supplement their segmentation with special information such as promotional activity and affinity with the Internet – upon request, this can include international data. For personalised B2B email campaigns, more than 2 million email addresses are available.

For more information, visit https://schober.de/b2b-em/

About Schober Information Group Deutschland:
Schober Information Group Deutschland has been Europe’s leading provider of marketing services for over 65 years. It supports customers in more than 40 countries with online and offline solutions in the systematic implementation of cross-media communication, advertising and sales strategies – nationally and internationally.
The service offering is founded upon decades of experience in address and data management, as well as in-depth methodological knowledge of analytics, aCRM and targeting. The Schober International Group Deutschland makes use of innovative smart data technologies and its employees’ expert knowledge to create intelligent, multi-channel solutions that businesses can use to build up and maintain profitable customer relationships.

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