Modern Design for Innovative Services: Schober Gets a New Web Presence

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A new user interface, visual structure and icon language let the new website shine

Ditzingen, April 6, 2016 – The Schober Information Group Germany has a new online presence. Following a comprehensive relaunch, the new site has some fresh new clothes and is impressive in its user-friendliness. Via, visitors can get informed in a quick and structured way about the innovative and comprehensive range of services on offer from the marketing firm. They learn all the important information from all the data and analysis specialists’ solutions and services and get clearly presented secondary brochures, cases and white papers for download. Particular attention in the redesign of the site was paid to preparing a range of information services specifically for the digital industry.

The main motto of the Schober Information Group – “Targeting3: Audiences – Analytics – Automation” – can also be found on the new website. Behind Targeting3 are custom data and analysis approaches which provide a holistic view of customers and potential ways to increase value. Using intelligent Smart Data technologies, audiences for brands and companies are clearly tangible. These audiences can be addressed in an automated way – differentiated and across all channels. Schober has put together a comprehensive and efficient package of solutions – one which gets advertisers ready for the marketing world of tomorrow.

On the home page, visitors meet the three core areas: Audiences, Analytics and Automation. Under these three keywords, Schober has bundled all products and services related to data processing, data enrichment and data management, for efficient online and offline campaigns:

  • Audiences – Tailored profiles for a targeted customer approach and Touchpoint modulation
  • Analytics – through segmentation, qualification and individual scoring, to get to the right audience step by step
  • Automation – customised target group approaches using innovative targeting technologies.

Moreover, all events, recent press releases and news, and downloads are bundled together centrally in the new Info Centre.
The thoroughly refashioned site reflects the new positioning of the Schober Group. Based on decades of experience in address and data management and on solid knowledge about methodologies in analytics, aCRM and targeting, Schober has branched out its business towards smart data technologies and created a number of individual and automated multi-channel solutions. In addition, the company cooperates with several international industry giants like Facebook, Salesforce, Facelift and adsquare, allowing customers and advertisers access to more efficient technology and service solutions.

“Our experience has shown that it is especially in marketing that customers want customised solutions to meet all their needs – from qualitative data checks to enrichment, right through to targeted, automated ways of speaking to existing and potential customers. These requests have been incorporated into our transformation process and the development of our marketing automation solutions. Our newly designed website is therefore a logical result of our development,” explains Felix Hick, COO of the Schober Information Group. “With the new visual appearance, Schober is getting a modern website with a distinct design, one which simultaneously reflects excellence, innovation and the traditions of the company.”

About Schober Information Group Deutschland:
Schober Information Group Deutschland has been Europe’s leading provider of marketing services for over 65 years. It supports customers in more than 40 countries with online and offline solutions in the systematic implementation of cross-media communication, advertising and sales strategies – nationally and internationally.

The service offering is founded upon decades of experience in address and data management, as well as in-depth methodological knowledge of analytics, aCRM and targeting. The Schober International Group Deutschland makes use of innovative smart data technologies and its employees’ expert knowledge to create intelligent, multi-channel solutions that businesses can use to build up and maintain profitable customer relationships.

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