Concentrated 1st-party and 3rd-party data power for efficient mobile campaigns

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Concentrated 1st-party and 3rd-party data power for efficient mobile campaigns

Ditzingen, 7 December 2015 – Advertising companies that want to leverage adsquare’s Audience Management Platform to specifically address smartphone users with advertising can now access Schober Information Group’s data expertise.

As an official “branded data” partner of adsquare, Schober allows you more individual audience segmentation and also allows you to address your own customers from the CRM system for mobile advertising campaigns.

Advertising customers can leverage both 1st-party data from customers and extensive profile data from the Schober B2B and B2C databases to address existing and new customers for mobile programmatic campaigns in real-time.

56,58% of all people in Germany now use a smartphone; almost 88% of them consult their smartphones especially for regional and local content, price comparisons and product information. “Mobile has now become an integral part of the customer journey. Advertisers thus increasingly need to reach their customers and prospects across all devices and channels. This requires not only an intelligent bridge, but also informative data,” explains Felix Hick, COO of the Schober Information Group.

The Audience Management Platform of adsquare will give advertising customers access to the Schober data world. This lets you use your own CRM data to predefine target groups that Schober can help you qualify and enhance with additional characteristics. Schober’s unique data depth is especially valuable, as are individual scoring models that allow very fine and precise segmentation. In combination with the available adsquare information, advertisers can also leverage this data in a mobile manner to actively address existing customers as well as look-a-like segments of their most valuable customers with customized content.

Given that for the majority of all purchases more than one (online) channel now plays a role in the decision-making process, networking individual channels is becoming increasingly important. Campaign planning must follow individual surfing and purchasing behaviour and exploit synergies from multiple channels (offline, e-mail, Facebook, display). With adsquare and Schober, the extension to mobile channels has now become simple and uncomplicated.

The new collaboration is particularly interesting for companies focusing on B2B marketing. Via Business Target Base, Germany’s leading database for marketing, sales and strategic decisions, Schober can provide not only more than 4.5 million company addresses of credit-certified companies but also important special information – about company size, the number of employees, sales information and SOHOs.

“Our independent platform gives advertisers full transparency and allows them access to a variety of data partners,” explains Tom Laband, CEO and founder of adsquare. “We are very excited about the integration with Schober. Thanks to our joint onboarding processes, both customer-specific CRM data and budget data can be harnessed for mobile programmatic advertising.”

As a member of DDV and BVDW and holder of security certification in line with DIN ISO 27001:2013 as stipulated by TÜV SÜD, Schober guarantees that it upholds all standards of data security as well as the highest level of professionalism and quality. This also applies to the cooperation with adsquare, whose platform was awarded the ePrivacyseal. All the data is thus encrypted, anonymised and processed in accordance with German and European data protection policies.

For more information, contact Ms. Katrin Meier at: katrin.meier(at)

About adsquare’s Audience Management Platform: The recently launched self-service platform supports advertisers with mobile programmatic advertising. Within the platform, advertisers can select data from various providers as well as enhance and refine their own CRM data, thus creating tailor-made target group segments for their mobile RTA campaigns. These segments are then linked to the preferred DSP to play out the campaign.

About Schober Information Group Deutschland:
Schober Information Group Deutschland has been Europe’s leading provider of marketing services for over 65 years. It supports customers in more than 40 countries with online and offline solutions in the systematic implementation of cross-media communication, advertising and sales strategies – nationally and internationally.

The service offering is founded upon decades of experience in address and data management, as well as in-depth methodological knowledge of analytics, aCRM and targeting. The Schober International Group Deutschland makes use of innovative smart data technologies and its employees’ expert knowledge to create intelligent, multi-channel solutions that businesses can use to build up and maintain profitable customer relationships.

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