Security standard 4.0. – XCRYPTO encryption from Schober offers maximum protection for sensitive data

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XCRYPTO allows customers to leverage the full power of XCAMPAIGN for newsletters and standalone e-mail campaigns without storing sensitive data. Only cryptograms are stored, while usable data remains in the customer’s hand at all times.

Ditzingen, 3. November 2015 – With XCAMPAIGN, Schober provides a sustainable, web-based business tool that allows companies to professionally implement their e-mail marketing.

In addition to the distribution of newsletters and standalone campaigns, XCAMPAIGN is also suitable as cross-media delivery tool. Along with numerous customisation features and CRM data enhancement, Schober now also offers the add-on XCRYPTO. The new external encryption unit secures customer data when needed, ensuring that such data cannot be accessed by the service provider or any other person without authorisation. On request, customers can also define that encryption and decryption of their data is possible solely in their own corporate network.

Security for the customers in this context means that sensitive data is not stored in the cloud environment. The add-on allows customers instead to store only externally created cryptograms that cannot be used as data and cannot be decrypted in the cloud environment. Encryption and decryption is carried out exclusively within the external XCRYPTO unit. This unit is operated and managed separately from XCAMPAIGN.

The client-identifying data are unreadable within the XCAMPAIGN service without XCRYPTO and cannot be decrypted. The control is at all times in the hands of the customer, who can suspend or terminate the operation of the XCRYPTO service at any time.

What makes XCRYPTO so secure is the management of the customer-specific key in a hardware security module (HSM), which makes reading and transmission of data impossible for unauthorised persons. All encryption and decryption processes run within an HSM. No customer data is stored in the XCRYPTO services environment.

“Data storage in clouds is more important than ever – especially for the cross-media customer contact. However, such data management also involves risks. Integrating the XCRYPTO external encryption unit allows insurance companies or financial service providers to make use of the full XCAMPAIGN service without intermediary third-party service providers gaining access to such sensitive information. “Our transparent and data-protection-compliant management of our information security was also confirmed by TÜV Süd in April 2015 with the awarding of the security certificate according to DIN ISO 27001:2013,” explains Felix Hick, COO of the Schober Information Group.

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