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No successful marketing without sophisticated customer contact! Ongoing maintenance, updating and qualification of proprietary customer data is thus accordingly important for marketing specialists and salespeople. Salesforce customers will in future have exclusive access to a new product from Schober Information Group Germany – the capaneo ContactDriver.

What is the capaneo ContactDriver?
The new Schober product features an app developed by Schober specifically for its Salesforce customers. Salesforce users can use the app to access the high-quality Schober B2B and B2C databases and can optimise their CRM data at any time and enhance it as desired.

What precisely does the capaneo ContactDriver do?
The capaneo ContactDriver uses third-party data integration to provide direct access to the high-quality Schober databases in your own Salesforce CRM (sales cloud). Users validate their CRM data by means of the Schober reference database or selected international reference databases. In doing so, Schober classifies and segments in a practical and intelligent manner by product category, purchasing behaviour, social demographics and user typologies. Users of capaneo ContactDriver can also enhance their data with relevant B2C or B2B characteristics such as age, income, company size or individual scoring.

Schober’s full data power is thus leveraged simply and efficiently, for example in the B2C segment: app users connect their Salesforce CRM to one of the most extensive B2C marketing databases in Germany, providing access to 30 million private addresses, each with over 300 additional characteristics. In the B2B segment, users of capaneo ContactDriver can access 4.5 million items of business information relating to current and credit-certified companies, traders, freelancers and institutions.

The result: reduced time and effort, better targeting and precise addressing of target groups for effective customer retention. These are the best conditions for maintaining optimal customer contact. The conversion rates for marketing activities are visibly improved through the validation, qualification or enhancement of existing data with Schober’s profile characteristics, naturally in compliance with data protection regulations.

How can Salesforce customers acquire capaneo ContactDriver?
A direct interface between Schober and Salesforce makes this easy: the app is directly available directly in Salesforce AppExchange. Interested customers simply log in, download the capaneo ContactDriver app for free and, after concluding a framework contract with Schober, are ready to go.

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