Data integration

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Data integration

Intelligent data management solution to permanently consolidate, clean up and enhance your database from all touchpoints

  • Preparation and optimisation of heterogeneous databases using an intelligent data management solution (automated modules for data cleansing and data integration from a single source)
  • Automatic data enhancement with additional external qualification characteristics for personalised communications
  • Data-protection compliant consolidation of all data in a central data pool (“single point of truth”)

Your benefits

  • Individually configurable management of your customer data: You get a 360° view of your customers and can manage your marketing efficiently and through various channels
  • Heterogeneous data sets from different sources are consolidated in a data-protection-compliant manner in a central pool and checked, cleaned up and enhanced by us with valuable third-party information
  • Data is continuously updated and supplemented with campaign results, allowing you to permanently secure a reliable and constantly updated database for your customer management

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