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Mobile Advertising with 1st-party data and 3rd-party data

Concentrated data power for targeted mobile campaigns

  • Data protection compliant matching from mobile devices with anonymised online profiles
  • Accurate mobile targeting based on 3rd-party data such as socio-demographic features
  • Mobile advertising based on existing CRM data: contact existing customers by linking your CRM data with our device profiles for mobile campaigns on a tailored, demand-actuated basis

Your benefits

  • Added value thanks to linked offline and mobile data
    The customer data that cost you so much time and money to generate is now even more valuable: alongside postal, email, display and Facebook contact, this can also be used for mobile marketing campaigns.
  • Holistic and individualised marketing communication
    Successful customer contact now takes place by means of individually effective, cross-media communication. Our Data OnBoarding provides you with efficient links between your offline CRM data and the associated mobile profiles.
  • Bookable 3rd-party data for accurate mobile targeting
    The benefit: only the actual target audience of a campaign is shown tailor-made offers via DSPs and ad-serving platforms.
  • Data protection compliant and secure linkage of mobile and offline potentials – anonymised and non-traceable

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