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We create a powerful database — enabling sound decisions and sustainable marketing success.

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We sharpen the focus — with targeted qualification and the right analysis tools for a tailor-made customer approach.

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We unleash your full potential — with cross-media communication strategies from a single provider.

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Targeting. Direct and on point.

Take advantage of our expertise to take a comprehensive look at your customers and value creation potential. Target groups become tangible and can be individually managed—across all media channels. Let us help you implement the cross-media communication, advertising, and sales strategy that is right for you.

Customers have an increasing number of touchpoints to a company. In addition to the customer data collected by field staff or call centres, customers also maintain their own data, for instance via web-based customer accounts. This data must be combined into one system and kept up-to-date. At the same time, complex business rules dictate which sources may update the data record. Only when all the data is correct can leads be automatically transferred to regional branches.

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„Get the basics right.“ Reliable master data is the basis for everything you do. Incomplete or incorrect addresses, customers who have long since moved or contact persons who no longer exist stress more than just the budget. With an updated and completed CRM master data record, you will be able to serve all your upcoming marketing activities.

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Learn even more about your target group in addition to your existing information. Schober aCRM provides you with valuable yet classic target group analyses. It is only by understanding the psychological mindsets of your customers and prospective clients that you can best direct your marketing and product development. We, therefore, offer you important insights into attitudes and opinions in the digital world about your products and brand with Schober’s „Community Insights.“

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Reach your customers and potential customers via all media and on all devices in the best possible way. The better you know your customers, the more targeted you can control marketing measures and make use of the right channels. After analysing your target group, we will be happy to support you in campaign planning and provide you with your desired target group data for campaigns in advance on the following channels: display/banners, mobile, mailing, e-mail and Facebook.

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Real-time communication for your introduction to „artificial intelligence.“

Your potential customer interacts with you via multiple touchpoints during the Customer Journey. Your goal should be to gather as much information as possible during the purchasing decision process in order to respond most effectively to your potential customers through any communication channel they choose. We offer you a solution for intelligently linking your touch points and establishing automated, rule-based communication with your customers and potential customers in real time.

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